See the source imageThe Village Treasurer is responsible for the accounting and financial operations of the Village and its four utilities: Electric, Water, Sewer and Stormwater.

This includes the annual budget process, preparation of the Statement of Taxes and related tax collections, debt service and operations,cash and risk management, and payables and receivables.

2023 Budget

2023 Budget Presentation                                      

General Government 2023 Budget                                 Public Safety 2023 Budget

Parks & Recreation 2023 Budget                                    Public Works 2023 Budget

Capital Projects 2023 Budget                                          Library 2023 Budget

RDA 2023 Budget                                                             Debt Services 2023 Budget

Slinger Electric Utility 2023 Budget                                 Slinger Water Utility 2023 Budget

Slinger Sewer Utility 2023 Budget                                   Slinger Stormwater Utility 2023 Budget

Central Equipment  2023 Budgets                                   Facilities Impact Fees 2023 Budgets

Police Dept 2023



The Village tax bill is prepared during the last part of November and the early part of December each year.  Tax bills are printed at Washington County and sent to the Village mid-December. You can access your tax bill before we mail it out by accessing tax information on the Washington County Treasurer's site.   

Tax Bill Information

Village Tax Information 

Unclaimed Property/Funds

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 59.66, the Village of Slinger Treasurer is publicizing this notice of unclaimed property/funds with a value greater than $20.00.  The owner of said funds must request and provide proof of ownership within 6 months of this publication.  At the completion of the 6 months the Treasurer of Slinger will take possession of the funds.  

To place a claim for any of the listed funds, please contact the Village of Slinger or stop in at 300 Slinger Rd.  

Unclaimed Funds Listing