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Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining Village roadways, drainage systems and Village owned properties, among other responsibilities.  Currently there are approximately 80 lane miles of public roadways within Village jurisdiction. 

Public input is always helpful to crews trying to keep up with road maintenance.  If you see any potholes, plugged catch basins or other issues that need our attention we ask that you let us know by calling (262)644-5265.

Curbside Collection

The Parks, Public Works & Forestry Department provides curbside pickup of brush between April and November.  Larger branches, with a diameter between 1-8 inches, can be set at the resident's curbside for pick-up.  Brush must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the first Monday of each month from April to November.  If a holiday falls on a Monday, brush will be collected the following day. 

Brush must be cut into pieces no shorter than 3 feet to allow for safe and efficient collection.  Branches shorter than 3 feet in length may be brought to the Parks, Public Works & Forestry yard and deposited in the yard waste bin which is provided for lawn clippings and brush.

Branches left for curbside collection should be stacked neatly and have the cut end of the branch facing the roadway.  All wires, nails and strings must be removed before the brush will be collected.  Brush not stacked neatly with cut ends towards the roadway or with wires, nails or strings will not be collected.  Root ball and stumps will not be collected.  Materials cleared from vacant lots will NOT be collected but may be dropped off at the Public Works yard waste bin.

Residents may want to call the Village Hall and give their address in order to inform the DPW crew of the need for a pickup.  Otherwise, crews will go around and pick up any curbside branches they see on their own.

Yard Waste Disposal

The Village of Slinger has a compost area available in the DPW parking lot for Slinger residents to dispose of grass clippings, leaves and small branches (1" in diameter or smaller).  The compost area is for Slinger residents only!  Anyone outside the Village caught using the compost area will be prosecuted.

The Village of Slinger does not provide curbside leaf collection services.  Residents may collect leaves and dispose of them in the yard waste bin provided at the Public Works yard located next to the Slinger Library.  Raking leaves into the roadways is prohibited and may cause blockages  in the storm sewer system and could result in enforcement action.

Christmas Tree Pickup

The Village of Slinger picks up Christmas trees starting the first week in January.  Trees should be left curbside with the cut end of the tree facing towards the roadway.  Should you choose to remove the tree yourself it can be dropped off at the Public Works yard and placed along the north fence line near the mulch pile.