Planning & Zoning

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The Village of Slinger's planning function is carried out by the Planning Commission and is supported by Village Staff.  The Commission is established under State Statutes and consists of the Village President, a Village Trustee, and five citizens members appointed by the Village President.  The primary role of the commission is to review and approve matters that affect the use of land in the Village and to implement the Village Comprehensive Plan.  Consequently, the Commission deals with matters such as zoning, land subdivisions, site architecture, plan approvals, and the creation of regulations related thereto.

A professional community planner, contracted by the Village, provides technical assistance to the Planning Commission at their monthly meetings.  Currently office hours for the Planner/Zoning Administrator are on Wednesdays.



Zoning is the regulatory mechanism which controls the use of land.  The State of Wisconsin grants broad power to municipalities to create and implement zoning regulations related to the use of land and waters and the placement of buildings therein.


Contact information for our Planner/Zoning Administrator:

Mary Censky
300 Slinger Rd
Slinger, WI 53086
(262)644-5265 x108


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