Fire Hydrants

Keeping Fire Hydrants free and clear of snow and debris is a community effort.  Hydrants are used to save more properties than just the one they are located on.  If you see a hydrant that needs clearing, please pitch in and help clear it out.  When rescue personnel have to do the clearing it delays their ability to save a property or even lives.  This resluts in additonal property loss or even the loss of an irreplacable life. 

The time it takes to clear a hydrant is well worth the ability to save these invaluable items and lives. 


Hydrant Clearing Guidelines


Flushing of Fire Hydrants

The Village's Water Department flushes hydrants and exercises valves in April and October each year.

The combination of flushing and valve exercising may cause the water in the mains to become yellow or reddish in color.  Although we will try to flush most of the particulate out of the main we ask that you run your water several minutes before using.  Flushing of the system exercises the valves to ensure they are operating properly and helps to rid the system of naturally occurring particulate (minerals) that builds up in in a public water supply.

If you see the crews in your area it is best not to wash clothes until they complete the work in your area or until after 4:00pm.