Customer Service - 262-644-5265

Are you moving?

If you have just moved to or within the Village of Slinger, you need to notify Slinger Utilities to set up your utility account.  

If you are moving out of the Village, you need to notify Slinger Utilities so a final reading of your utility account can be taken.  We will need the date you are responsible until, as well as a forwarding address and phone number where you can be reached. 

Change of Mailing Address

We know that occasionally our customers will want their utility bill sent to an address that is different than their service address.  Please contact us with this informaiton so we can keep your account up to date with your latest information.

Energy Assistance

Do you need assistance with your utility payments to avoid disconnection?

Please call the Washington County Cliend Registration at (262)335-4677 for an application or to make an appointment.

Also see the following links for more information.

Washington County Human Services Department

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP)

Budget Billing

The budget billing program is offered to all residential customers. The program is designed to help you avoid unpredictable utility bills and make balancing your budget a little easier.

Your monthly budget amount is based on the average of your actual bill charges during the previous 12 months. We continue to read your meter every month and your utility bill will show how much energy and water that you used, the actual bill amount and the balance on your account.

Some months you will pay less for what you actually used and some months you will pay more. 

In August budget accounts are reconciled and re-evaluated.

Disconnection Process & Deferred Payment Agreements

For information on our disconnection process and Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA), please follow this link:

Disconnection Process & Deferred Payment Agreement